trugs – Teach Reading Using GameS

Every so often a fantastic resource comes along that just has to be added to the website. I had read good comments about trugs card games from teachers and literacy specialists, so when I had a chance to see the games last week for myself, the decision was easy.

Trugs games were developed by Joanna Jeffery, a hiqhly qualified teacher and literacy expert.

The synthetic phonics structure has been put into 15 stages and Guess itMatch it and Take it card games are played at each stage to make reading practise easy and fun . Each stage builds on the one before, making it easy to follow. The best thing is that parents and children can forget about phonics stages and jargon and just enjoy playing simple traditional card games, so this great resource enables you to help your child through the process of learning to read without needing any training!

Readers of all ages, not just those with dyslexia, can improve their reading by playing trugs.

There are 3 boxes for use by parents at home or by tutors on a 1:1 basis and 3 boxes for use in schools. The great thing is that virtually all the words are different in the home and school boxes so the range of words available to read is vastly increased. There are also two boxes of ‘tricky words’ card games for helping children practise the high frequency words that they need to read early on.

If you have been searching for a simple, effective, fun and quick game to play to boost reading ability, then trugs games are the answer!

For more details of these games, you can find them on the website here

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