About Us

Focus on Phonics is for parents, carers, teachers around the world and all those interested in giving young children the best possible start in reading or helping older children who need catch-up support.

Our organisation was established in 2005, when the UK government was deciding to adopt synthetic phonics as the preferred method of teaching reading. Our aim is to supply high quality resources and information for helping children who are learning to read.

Parents can play an important role in supporting their child's learning and many parents would like to help, but are not sure how to go about it. We aim to provide the tools, whether books, educational materials, activities or games to help fill this gap.

We firmly believe that teaching children by synthetic phonics (first and fast) provides the best foundation for successful reading and writing. This method is about getting children to read quickly so they can move on to more creative work and access the fabulous books available at the next level. It also means that children are in a position to be able to read to learn, meaning they can access the school curriculum and do not get left behind.

We recognise that not all children enjoy the process of learning to read - particularly if they find it difficult. We have included materials that cater for an older child with gaps in their phonic knowledge, whether this is due to a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia or periods of ill health or anxiety issues. Our aim is to provide high quality resources to help children learn at their own individual pace, and hopefully to have some fun along the way!

If you want to give your child the best possible start in learning to read, we can help you. We have carefully chosen books and other resources (many of which are not available on the High Street) that are suitable either for teachers in the classroom or for parents to use at home.

We also aim to provide information on how you can help your child in the early stages of reading (such as how to pronounce the letter sounds correctly), along with links to other websites and articles that we think may be useful.

As part of our overall mission to support children's learning, and as a compliment to supplying resources for reading, we have recently introduced a new range of activities and games to help children in their early work with numeracy.

We hope you find the content of the site useful and it will inspire you to share our passion for supporting children's learning in their early years.