Dandelion Launchers Workbook - Units 4-7
  • Dandelion Launchers Workbook - Units 4-7
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  • A comprehensive, spiral-bound book of black and white photocopiable sheets linked to stories in Units 4 - 7.

    Includes letter recognition, handwriting, word-building, reading, spelling and language development.

    Dandelion Launchers Workbooks contain a variety of multisensory activities and games linked to the stories in the Dandelion Launchers reading scheme.

    The activities are designed to help develop the skills underlying fluency in reading and writing. Helpful information is given for those who are attempting to teach to read for the first time.

    Publisher:   Phonic Books Ltd
    Number of Pages:   138
    Age category:   4+
    Size:   A4
    Attributes:   Spiral-bound Softback
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