Floppy's Phonics Teaching Handbook 1 (Reception/Primary 1)
  • Floppy's Phonics Teaching Handbook 1 (Reception/Primary 1)
  • Ref: 9781382005616
  • Price: 43.75
  • Rigorous synthetic phonics teaching for early reading success

    Suitable for: Teachers working with primary-level students (usually aged 4-7)

    This handbook is a guide to Floppy's Phonics - a rigorous, easy-to-use synthetic phonics teaching programme that engages children from the outset and enables them to learn to read quickly. This book covers Reception/Primary 1 (Oxford Levels 1, 1+, 2 and 3).


    * Step-by-step example lessons
    * Cumulative texts for reading practice that's matched to phonic knowledge
    * Activity Sheets providing practice of phonemes and graphemes in and out of context
    * Grapheme tiles for practice and assessment
    * Say the Sounds Posters for each Oxford Level
    * Advice on establishing good routines to deliver phonics effectively
    * How to use the Floppy's Phonics Online resources

    RRP: £46.00

    Number of Pages:   168
    Age category:   4-7
    Size:   297x210mm
    ISBN nr.:   9781382005616

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