Jolly Dictionary (Softback)
  • Jolly Dictionary (Softback)
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  • Teaching children how to use a dictionary will improve reading and writing, and help them become independent learners. The award-winning Jolly Dictionary is designed to teach children how to look up and understand words they don’t know. A unique Pronunciation Guide is given for each of the 6,000+ age-appropriate words.

    The definitions have been carefully written so that children find them easy to read and understand. The Jolly Dictionary is also beautifully illustrated throughout, often using the Jolly Phonics characters to help clarify examples.

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    Author:   Sara Wernham and Sue Lloyd
    Publisher:   Jolly Learning
    Number of Pages:   341
    Age category:   4+
    Size:   173x240mm
    Attributes:   Softback
    ISBN nr.:   9781844140008