Magic Belt Introductory Workbook
  • Magic Belt Introductory Workbook
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  • The spiral-bound, photocopiable Introductory Workbook prepares the older 'catch-up' pupil for reading the Magic Belt Series.

    It is a teaching resource aimed at pupils aged 8-14 who would benefit from starting a phonic programme from the very beginning. These pupils may have poor sound/letter correspondences or may be confusing letter names and letter sounds.

    It introduces the sounds and letters of the alphabet in a step-by-step progression. A variety of activities offer the basic building blocks of learning to read. Each chapter concludes with a fun reading game to practise and consolidate what has been taught. This progression will build up the pupil's reading skills and confidence.

    Once the pupil has completed the six levels in the workbook, he/she will be able to access the text in the Magic Belt series.

    50 pages

    Publisher:   Phonic Books Ltd
    Number of Pages:   50
    Age category:   8+
    Size:   A4
    Attributes:   Spiral-bound Softback
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