Numicon: 1st Steps with Numicon at Home
  • Numicon: 1st Steps with Numicon at Home
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  • 1st Steps with Numicon at Home is designed for parents to help children enjoy learning about numbers at home. Including a Book of Activities, this kit is ideal for those who would like to have ideas of how best to use Numicon resources.

    Numicon is a multi-sensory maths teaching programme used in many schools in the UK. Numicon's multi sensory maths resources and teaching materials help improve children's maths skills and understanding and helps to make numbers real.

    1st Steps with Numicon - At Home Kit makes maths fun and engaging for children and their parents or carers and is designed to help children's maths during the Foundation Stage and early Key Stage 1.

    Children’s early experiences at home have a huge impact on their later achievement in maths. Children are usually very quick to notice patterns. The pattern in the Numicon Shapes helps children to see the connections between numbers. The connections your child sees will provide a firm foundation for their maths understanding - particularly their mastery of mental arithmetic.

    * Numicon Shapes x 32: 10 ones, 5 twos, 3 threes, 2 fours, 2 fives, 2 sixes, 2 sevens, 2 eights, 2 nines, 2 tens
    * Coloured Pegs x 52
    * Numicon Numeral Cards 0-10 x 1
    * Base Board x 1
    * Numicon Zig Zag Book 1-10 Number Line x 1,
    * Numicon Feely Bag x 1
    * Threading Laces x 3
    * Picture Overlays for First Steps x 2,
    * First Steps with Numicon at Home Activity Book x 1

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    ISBN nr.:   9780198486886