Talisman Series 1 & 2 | Titan's Gauntlets Series (age 8 - 14)

Talisman Series | Titan's Gauntlets Series - overview

Ideal for older readers who have gaps in their phonic knowledge (interest age 8-14).

Following on from the Totem Series, Talisman 1 Series comprises ten exciting quest stories. It is aimed at children who need to learn to read and spell the difficult alternative vowel spellings in English. The Talisman 1 Series follows the same phonic sequence as the Rescue Series and can be used in parallel.

Titan's Gauntlets is a set of ten imaginative stories with fantastic illustrations that introduce further alternative vowel and consonant spellings and common Latin suffixes.

Talisman 2 Series comprises ten exciting quest stories which follow the same phonic sequence as Titan's Gauntlets but include additional alternative spellings and nore text per page.

Talisman playing cards, linked to the popular quest series, are an additional teaching resource that will re-engage catch-up readers.