Write from the Start
  • Write from the Start
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  • A unique approach to developing fine motor and perceptual skills, Write from the Start offers a radically different and effective approach to handwriting. Structured (photocopiable) activities develop the muscles of the hand - so that children gain the necessary control to produce letter forms - alongside the perceptual skills required to orientate and organise letters and words. It has been extensively used in British schools, where it has proved highly successful with:

    * Mainstream children aged 4-6 years
    * Children with developmental co-ordination disorders (dyspraxia)
    * Older children with mild/moderate learning difficulties.

    Over 400 carefully graded exercises and activities develop hand-eye co-ordination, form constancy, spatial organisation and figure-ground discrimination, as well as orientation and laterality.

    Contains: Book 1 (120 A4 pages), Book 2 (136 A4 pages) and a Teacher’s Book.

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    Author:   Ion Teodorescu and Lois Addy
    Publisher:   LDA
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    Age category:   4+
    Size:   Various
    Attributes:   Paperback
    ISBN nr.:   9781855032453