Alba Series (Set of 12 books) by Phonic Books Ltd

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Code AL1
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  • Description

    This fantastic series of 12 books combines step-by-step phonic progression with an exciting story and wonderful illustrations to engage both boys and girls. Alba is a smart, empowering heroine who has to use her wit to overcome literally HUGE odds. Alba's dad is a scientist. 

    A breed of superbugs is destroying all the apple trees in the world and Alba's dad is working hard to save them. He has the last apple pip left in the world safely at home in his flat. Max, from the lab, sneaks into the flat and tries to steal the pip. Alba escapes with it but Max shrinks her to 10cm tall! She has to get the pip to her dad in the lab and save the apple trees. She will need to dodge Max who is following her. Will she succeed in crossing the city and getting the pip safely to Dad? Will she ever be a normal size again? 

    These books follow the same progression as the popular Totem series. Book 1 - Lost - CVC, CVCC; Book 2 - The Plan (CVC, CVCC, CCVC); Book 3 - Alba Slips Up (CVC, CVCC, CCVCC); Book 4 - Hot Chips for Lunch ('sh', 'ch', 'th); Book 5 - A Bit of Luck ('ck', 'ng', 'qu', 'wh'); Book 6 - A Brave Escape ('ai', 'ay', 'a-e', 'a'); Book 7 - Apple Trees ('ee', 'ea', 'e', 'y', 'ey'); Book 8 - The Long Road Home ('o-e', 'ow', 'oa', 'o'); Book 9 - Supper ('er', 'ir', 'ur'); Book 10 - Howling Wind ('ow', 'ou'); Book 11 - River Flight - 'igh', i-e', 'y', 'i'); Book 12 - The Truth ('oo', 'ew', 'u-e', 'u').


    * Clear phonic focus on particular spellings in each book

    * 3-4 lines of text to a page for reluctant readers

    * Cream background to make text reader friendly

    * Dyslexia-friendly font; Strong female character

    * Exciting and motivating story and illustrations

    * Multi-syllabic words chunked for the reader