Dandelion Readers Level 4 'Toad and Newt' (14 books) by Phonic Books Ltd

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Code DR16
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  • Description

    Dandelion Readers Level 4 series continues from the Level 3 series with 14 decodable books which offer alternative spellings for more vowel and consonant sounds and common suffixes. This includes alternative sounds for the letters <c> and <g>.

    This series introduces alternative spellings for the sounds 'ue', 'u', 'o', 's', 'l', 'j', 'f', alternative sounds for the letters and and suffixes <-ture>, <-tion>, <-ssion>, <-cian>, and <-sion>.

    Book 1 - Toad and Newt (spellings for 'ue' - <ue> <u-e> <ew> <u>)
    Book 2 - Fred Gets in Trouble (spellings for 'u' - <u> <ou> <o>)
    Book 3 - Australia (spellings for 'o' - <o> <a> <ou> <au> )
    Book 4 - Five Excited Mice (spellings for 's' - <s> <sc> <ss> <c> <se> <ce> <st>)
    Book 5 - Carrots and Celery (spelling <c>)
    Book 6 - The Camel (spellings for 'l' - <l> <al> <ll> <le> <el> <ol> <il>)
    Book 7 - The Ginger Cat (spellings for 'j' - <j> <g> <ge> <dge>)
    Book 8 - George (spelling <g>)
    Book 9 - Stef the Elephant (spellings for 'f' - <f> <ff> <gh> <ph>)
    Book 10 - A Grand Adventure (suffux <-ture>)
    Book 11 - The Inspection (suffix <-tion>)
    Book 12 - Viv's Profession (suffixes <-ssion> <-cian>)
    Book 13 - The Treasure Hunt (suffix <-sure>)
    Book 14 - Alien Invasion (suffix <-sion>)

    Reading books for Phase 5 and 6 of Letters and Sounds.