Magic Belt Series (Set of 12 books) by Phonic Books Ltd

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Code MB1
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  • Description

    The Magic Belt Series includes 12 quest stories for the older, 'catch-up' readers who would benefit from starting a phonics programme from the very beginning. Zak is ten years old. He lives with his Grandpa. 

    One day, Grandpa falls gravely ill. When Zak goes to seek help, he meets a wizard. Strangely, the wizard already knows that Zak's Grandpa is sick. He offers to cure his Grandpa and, in return, Zak must go on a quest. He must find ten magic gems. Zak sets off with his friend, Finn. How will they find the magic gems? Will they find them in time to save Grandpa? 

    Action-packed with fantastic illustrations and age-appropriate stories, the series starts at CVC/CVCC level text. It then builds up reading skills in step-by-step phonic progression, allowing practice and consolidation at each level. 

    • Book 1 - The Man in the Mist - CVC and CVCC (C = consonant, V = vowel)
    • Book 2 - Ten Rocks - CVCC
    • Book 3 - "Help Us!" - CVCC
    • Book 4 - The Clam - CCVC and introduces words with the suffix -ed
    • Book 5 - Crabs! - CCVCC
    • Book 6 - Crunch! - phonic focus on 'ch'
    • Book 7 - Hush! - phonic focus on 'sh'
    • Book 8 - The Sixth Rock - phonic focus on 'th'
    • Book 9 - Golem of the Rocks - phonic focus on 'ck' and 'qu'
    • Book 10 - Dung! - phonic focus on 'ng'
    • Book 11 - The Spitting Pot - phonic focus on 'wh' and the suffix -ing
    • Book 12 - The Simple Plot - phonic focus on 'le'