Read Write Inc. Phonics Handbook 1 by Read Write Inc

Code 9781382014977
Code 9781382014977
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  • Description

    Revised in July 2020

    Designed for teachers of children aged 4 to 6 who are learning to read and write (and struggling readers up to age 9)

    This Handbook contains detailed teaching notes for teaching Speed Sounds Sets 1, 2 and 3, and for reading and writing lessons for the Red to Orange Storybooks, Non-fiction books and Get Writing! books. Guidance on assessment and timetabling is also included for easy implementation. 

  • Features

    Key features include:

    • Day-by-day lesson plans that integrate Speed Sounds lessons, comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, handwriting and composition lessons
    • Thought-provoking story introductions to get every child excited and motivated to read the story
    • "Think Out Louds" to help children see the thought processes involved when an accomplished reader works out how to comprehend a text
    • Role-play and drama activities to increase childrens comprehension and build ideas for writing
    • "Build a Sentence" activities that lead into a six-step writing process to develop children's writing skills from simple sentences to extended writing tasks