Songbirds Phonics Level 2 - Mixed Pack or School Pack by Oxford Reading Tree

Code 9780198388081
Code 9780198388081
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  • Description

    Level 2 matches a sound to one letter or more than one letter eg. 'll' as in will and 'th' as in that

    • THE ODD PET - It's not a cat. It's not a dog. It's a zog! ¬†Revision of short vowels e, i, u, a, o, and consonants s, m, c, t, g, p, r, l, d, b, f, h, v, y, z, j, n, k
    • MISS! MISS! - A story about a harassed teacher. New phonics: ll, ss, ff, zz, plus revision of short vowels and consonants
    • THIS AND THAT - A boy makes a DIY rabbit. New phonics: sh, ch, th, plus revision of short vowels and consonants; introduces some two-syllable words.
    • FISH AND CHIPS - Ron Rabbit is fed up with his job as a waiter. New phonics: wh, plus revision of sh, ch, th, and short vowels and consonants
    • SINGING DAD - A rhyming story about a jolly but irritating father. New phonics: ng, plus revision of ll, ff, sh, ch, th, and short vowels and consonants
    • DOCTOR DUCK - "Come quick! Bob Bug is sick!". New phonics: ck, x, qu, plus revision of ng and short vowels and consonants.

    Available in a mixed pack of 6 different books or as a School Pack with 6 of each book.