Songbirds Phonics Level 3 - Mixed Pack or School Pack by Oxford Reading Tree

Code 9780198388265
Code 9780198388265
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  • Description

    Level 3 includes words with consonant clusters making more than one sound eg. 'str' as in strap, and revision of stages 1+ and 2. Also matches a long vowel sound to one common letter pattern 'ee' as in three, 'ie' as in tie and 'oo' as in good

    • THE BIG MATCH - Can Rick Duck win the big match or will Max Fox fix him? New phonics: tch, plus revision of ng, ck, x, qu and all short vowels and consonants from Levels One and Two
    • THE SHOPPING LIST - A mix-up in a department store. New phonics: words with consonant clusters at the end, e.g bank, held, list, lift, belt, golf, lamp, milk
    • GRAN IS CROSS - The twins bring a frog to visit Gran. New phonics: words with two consonants at the beginning e.g. twins, Gran, bring, pram, frog, steps, black, spills, drink, cloth, cross, glad, smash, stop, plus revision of consonant clusters at the end of words.
    • THE TRUNK AND THE SKUNK - A mammoth sniffs something bad.  Phonics: more practice of words with consonant clusters at the beginning and/or end, e.g. trunk, skunk
    • THE SCRAP ROCKET - Will Ron Rabbit's scrap rocket lift off?  New phonics: triple consonants at beginning of words, e.g. scrap, string, spring, splash, plus revision of shorter consonant clusters
    • SPLASH AND SQUELCH - Let's splash in the pond, squelch in the mud and spring like squirrels! Phonics: revision of words with consonant clusters at the beginning and/or end.

    Available in a mixed pack of 6 different books or as a School Pack with 6 of each book.