Songbirds Phonics Level 5 - Mixed Pack or School Pack by Oxford Reading Tree

Code 9780198388623
Code 9780198388623
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  • Description

    Levels 5 and 6 teach the different spelling patterns for the long vowel sounds 'oo' as in moon, 'ow' as in down, 'oi' as in coin and soft 'c' as in dice, 'air' as in hair, and soft 'g' as in giant.

    • SUE KANGAROO - A rhyming story about a kleptomaniac kangaroo. New phonics: ue (as in blue) with the letter patterns oo, ew, ue, u-e, o
    • THE CINDERELLA PLAY - Cinderella's slipper is lost in the school play. New phonics: er (as in over), ce (as in prince), ci (as in cinema)
    • USMAN'S BOOKS - What would happen if Usman could step inside one of his books? New phonics: oo (as in look) with the letter patterns oo, u, oul
    • THE UPSIDE DOWN BROWNS - Find out about the funny goings-on in the round house. New phonics: ow (as in down) with the letter patterns ow, ou
    • LEROY - Who pops my bubbles and puts coins down the toilet? It's my annoying little brother, Leroy. New phonics: oi (as in join) with the letter patterns oi, oy, le (as in middle)
    • NO MILK TODAY - The jug is empty. How can Mrs Green feed her cat? Phonics: revision of the long vowel sounds.¬†

    Available in a mixed pack of 6 different books or as a School Pack with 6 of each book.