Talisman 1 Series (Set of 10 books) by Phonic Books Ltd

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Code TL1
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    Ideal for older readers who have gaps in their phonic knowledge (interest age 8-14), the Talisman Series follows on from the Totem Series, and introduces more alternative spellings for the vowel sounds: 'ae', 'ee', 'oe', 'er', 'ow/oi', 'oo', 'ie', 'or', 'air' and 'ar' (following Phase 5 of the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme).

    Zak lives with his Grandpa, who raised him after his parents died. On his 13th birthday, his Grandpa gives him a strange gift - a talisman. "Never take it off. It will protect you. One day, it might even save your life," his Grandpa said. But somebody else wanted the talisman and its special powers and they would do anything to get it.
    From the day he was given the talisman, Zak's life was never the same again...

    Original, striking and motivating illustrations and stories will appeal to struggling or reluctant readers. With a reading practice page, vocabulary page and multisyllable words split for the reader; these highly decodable books ensure reading success.

    Book 1 - The Talisman - 'ae' (includes the spellings ai, ay, a, a-e, ea, ey)
    Book 2 - Stampede! - 'ee' (includes ee, ea, e, y, e-e, ie, ei)
    Book 3 - Shadow in the River - 'oe' (includes ow, oa, o, oe, o-e)
    Book 4 - Deep Sea Danger - 'er' (includes er, ir, ur, or, ear)
    Book 5 - Hounded in the Snow - 'ow' (includes ow and ou) and 'oi' (includes oy and oi)
    Book 6 - Death at Noon - 'oo' (includes oo, ue, u-e, ew, ou, u)
    Book 7 - A Cry in the Dark - 'ie' (includes igh, ie, i-e, i, y)
    Book 8 - Attack at Nightfall - 'or' (includes or, ore, a, aw, awa, au, al, ough)
    Book 9 - Mountain Scare - 'air' (includes air, are, ear, ere, eir)
    Book 10 - The Dark Master - 'ar' (includes ar, a, al, au)