Totem Series (Set of 12 books) by Phonic Books Ltd

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Code TM1
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  • Description

    Totem series is an exciting, fresh start for older pupils that builds up their reading skills from CVC (consonant/vowel/consonant) level through to vowel digraphs (Phases 2-5 of Letters and Sounds). This highly-structured, cumulative series includes 12 books which cover the essential phonics foundations that a 'catch-up' reader will need. It precedes and builds up towards the Talisman Series. Designed to appeal to older reluctant readers with exciting and motivating stories and illustrations. 

    Zak is eleven years old. He lives with his Grandpa. Every day, he must take the sheep up to the hills to graze but he is bored with his job. He dreams of adventure. One day, he takes his shepherd's staff and his pet kid into the hills with his flock, as usual. Two men kidnap him and his adventures begin. Along the way, his staff acquires special powers. He makes a new friend and, together, they face a great danger. What will they do? How will they survive? Will Zak ever see his Grandpa again? 

    • Book 1 - The Kidnap - CVC, CVCC
    • Book 2 - The Gift (CVC, CVCC, CCVC)
    • Book 3 - On the brink of death (CVC, CVCC, CCVCC)
    • Book 4 - The Shadow on the Cliffs ('sh', 'ch', 'th')
    • Book 5 - Bad Luck ('ck', 'ng', 'qu', 'wh')
    • Book 6 - Dangers on the Plain ('ai', 'ay', 'a-e', 'a')
    • Book 7 - Valley of Fear ('ee', 'ea', 'e', 'y', 'ey')
    • Book 8 - The Monster Below ('o-e', 'ow', 'oa', 'o')
    • Book 9 - Murky Waters ('er', 'ir', 'ur')
    • Book 10 - Danger all around ('ow', 'ou')
    • Book 11 - Jungle Fright - 'igh', i-e', 'y', 'i')
    • Book 12 - Hooves! ('oo', 'ew', 'u-e', 'u')