Vowel Sound Directory by Smart Kids

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Code SP25
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    Learn the spelling patterns of each vowel sound with this easy to use desktop aid. 

    Vowel sounds can be spelt in many different ways. To acquire spelling skills we need to learn the spelling patterns of each vowel sound, and there are often many different ways of spelling a single sound. For example the words 'he', 'tree' and 'key' all make the long 'e' sound but are spelt 3 different ways.

    The Vowel Sound Directory identifies 19 different vowel sounds in three categories: 

    • short vowels (such as 'a' in cap)
    • long vowels (such as 'ai' in train)
    • 'r' controlled vowels (such as 'ar' in car)

    Ideal for promoting independence, this flipbook can be used during writing for children to access the vowel sound in a word and the different ways of spelling that sound. The unique tabbed design means that pupils will be able to find words and sounds quickly. A must have resource for use throughout primary and for older children with special needs.  Contains 18 pages of alternative spelling choices depicting word and pictorial examples. Includes the first 300 high frequency words.